Southwest Creative Home Learning  grew out of a desire to support students who need a little extra help with their learning.  We offer a personalized and creative approach to children and their families, no matter what their schooling choice, to assist with their educational journey.  At Southwest Creative Home Learning, we recognize that not all children thrive in a traditional school situation. We are passionate about supporting people who decide that home-schooling is the best option for their child. However, we also assist students who are enrolled in schools.


Our individualized programmes can offer learning support and project based learning in a range of subjects.  These individual programmes are available for home-schooled children as well as those in after-school tutoring sessions.


Imagine a science experiment conducted in your own home with an experienced teacher who has an excellent knowledge of the concepts!   A project based learning programme covering reading, numeracy, humanities and technology developed around your child's interests and skills can be arranged. 

The sky is the limit with our teaching capabilities!

As well as packages for home-schooled students and individualized after-school tutoring, we also offer a regular Homework Club.  This enables a small group of children to come together in a home environment to complete their homework,  with an experienced teacher to assist them,  to keep them focused and to develop their study skills.  This more affordable option may meet the requirements of your child, who needs more general assistance with their school work and study skills rather than a targeted programme.

Diana Watkins is an experienced school teacher who grew up in Bunbury. She graduated from Edith Cowan University in 1995 with a degree in Primary Teaching and started teaching students with a variety of needs in local high schools.

After gaining experience in teaching students with learning difficulties and English as a Second Language, Diana moved to Karratha to continue working with students in high schools who needed support in Literacy and Numeracy. Moving to Geraldton in 2000, Diana returned to a Primary classroom setting to further her education experience and to work with her peers guiding them when teaching students Literacy.


A return to Bunbury seven years later gave Diana an opportunity to not only work with primary students but to further her passion for teaching Science. Inspiring children to explore their world through Science and Literacy is why Diana continues to be excited about a career in education.

Diana holds a current Working with Children check, and is an active member of the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA).

"Let us support you and your child towards a more successful learning experience..."


Diana Watkins - 0423624861