Our in-home support and use of current assessments allows your child access to a plan that is appropriate to their individual needs, interests and available resources.

It is important to us that parents and caregivers of home-schooled children feel equipped to support their child in their learning. As a result, we offer parent guidance, outlining the Australian Curriculum requirements in all areas, and helpful techniques to facilitate your child’s learning. Our support is designed to give parents and caregivers the confidence that they are following the Australian Curriculum with their child and are able to identify areas of need when they occur. Check out our "Personalised Targeted Programme" and "10 Week Tutoring Programme" which are perfect for this needed support and guidance!

We also have a passion for helping your child along in their schooling with tutoring in any subject needed. Our "One-off Sessions" and "Homework Club" will be ideal for assisting your child in this way.

"We aim to support parents and caregivers in areas they feel the need for it."


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